Quick remember ( currently in the making will clean it up after )

Can use the drone version or the GUI ( i prefer the drone version ( linux ) and go through the windows version when labing ( EVE-NG ) because the Linux GUI version is too buggy )

Configuration of the Drone version :

Eth0 is the management port and Eth0+X is for the data.

Configuration of both port :
sudo ifconfig eth0 “mgmt IP” netmask “mask”
sudo ifconfig eth1 “IP” netmask “mask”

sudo route add default gw ( default gateway ip )


Next , Example of Data Crafting.

  1. Testing Unicast
  2. Testing Multicast
  3. Testing Broadcast
  4. Testing Poisoning
  5. Testing Spanning Tree
  6. Testing 802.1Q
  7. Testing Vlan Hopping
  8. Testing Mulicast traffic
  9.  and more to come

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