EVE-NG user / pass All Network Devices

EVE Image name Username Password Admin access console
Cisco ASA 802 no pass telnet
Cisco ASA 8.4.2, 9.1.5 no pass telnet
Cisco ASAv no pass telnet
Cisco IPS cisco ciscoips123 telnet
Cisco WSA admin ironport telnet/http://ip:8080
Cisco ESA admin ironport telnet/https
Cisco WAAS admin default telnet
Cisco FirePower 6.x
FMC admin Admin123 vnc
NGIPSv admin Admin123 vnc
FTD admin Admin123 vnc
Cisco WSA admin ironport telnet/https
Cisco ESA admin ironport telnet/https
Cisco vNAM root root vnc
Cisco Titanium admin admin telnet
Cisco XR9K 6 cisco cisco telnet
Cisco NX9K 7 admin admin telnet
Cisco ISE 2.2 admin Test123 cli,https
Cisco ISE 2.7, 3.0 setup use “setup” for initial config
Cisco CUCM admin eve4cisco vnc/https
F5 root default cli
F5 admin admin https
Juniper vSRX root no pass telnet
Juniper Oliv root no pass telnet
Juniper vMX root root123 telnet
Juniper vMX root root telnet
Juniper vMX root no pass telnet
Juniper vMX root root telnet
Juniper vSRX root no pass telnet
Juniper vQF root Juniper telnet
Juniper vQF root no pass vnc
Juniper RR root no pass telnet
Juniper Linux admin abc123 vnc
Juniper Linux super juniper123 https
Infoblox admin infoblox https
PaloAlto 9.0 admin admin vnc
PaloAlto 10.1.0 admin admin vnc
Palo WANOS tc ChangeM3 vnc
Palo WANOS wanos wanos https
Palo Panorama admin admin telnet/https
CheckPoint admin admin telnet
CheckPoint admin Test123 telnet
FortiGate admin no pass config mgmt interface using telnet
FortiMail admin no pass telnet
Forti FAZ admin no pass telnet
Forti FMG admin no pass telnet/https
Citrix Netscaler nsroot nsroot telnet/https
A10 vThunder admin a10 telnet/https
Aruba Clearpass appadmin eTIPS123 telnet/https
Aruba Wireless controller vnc/https
Alcatel/Nokia admin admin telnet
Arista vEOS admin no passwd, telnet
Alteon Radware radware radware telnet
Alteon Radware admin admin https
Brocade root no passwd, telnet
Brocade WE admin brocade https
VyOS vyos vyos telnet
ExtremeOS admin no passwd, telnet
Cumulus cumulus CumulusLin vnc
Cumulus root CumulusLinux! vnc
Microtik admin no pass telnet
DELL Sonicwall root no pass vnc/https
Huawei USG admin Admin@123 vnc/https
Barracuda root ngf1r3wall vnc/https
Brocade root no pass telnet/https
Ostinato 0.8 root linux telnet
Ostinato 0.8 tux linux telnet
VM Ware Esx root Test123 vnc/https
VM Ware ESx root VMware1! vnc/https
VM Ware ESx root VMware1! vnc/https
VM Ware vCenter root vmware vnc/https
vRiverbed-9. admin password vnc
Linux-kali-large-2019.3 root toor vnc
Linux-centos-8 user Test123 telnet
Linux-debian-10 user Test123 vnc
Linux-ubuntu-server-16.04 root eve@123 vnc
Linux-ubuntu-18.04-desktop eve eve vnc/rdp
Linux-tinycore-6.4 root vnc
linux-ubuntu-mate-20.04 user Test123 vnc/rdp
Linux-ubuntu-srv-16-webmin root root telnet – https://ip:10000
Linux Mint user Test123 vnc
MAC OSX user Test123 vnc
Win2012 RD administrator Test123 vnc/rdp
Win2016 RD administrator Test123 vnc/rdp
Win2019 RD administrator Test123 vnc/rdp
Win7 RDP user Test123 vnc/rdp
Win10 RDP user Test123 vnc/rdp
Win2008 RD administrator Test123 vnc/rdp
Stealth-SMC-7.3.0 admin lan411cope
root lan1cope
sysadmin lan1cope




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