Virtual Routing and Forwarding ” VRF “

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VRF   “VPN Routing and Forwarding”
VRF is used to isolate different clients, sites, etc… each vrf have its own routing table. Without MPLS it is called VRF-LITE.
Creation of the instance :
config#ip vrf “name”
Configure the interfaces :
Config-if# ip vrf forwarding “name”
Verify the config :
Show ip route ( you shouldnt see any route from the vrf instances )
Show ip route vrf “name”

for routing  you need to specify the instance ex :
Router ospf 1 vrf “name”
Router ospf 2 vrf “name2”

Creation of the instance :
config#ip vrf “name”
Creation of the Route Distinguisher “RD” under the vrf instance
config-vrf# rd ASN:NN ( it can be anything )
config-vrf# route-target export / import ASN:NN

Inter-VRF Routing VRF-LITE before 15.2 IOS
do not forget to enable “capability vrf-lite” globally or on the routing configuration section.
just need to redistribute into ospf and bgp the routes.

Inter-VRF Routing VRF-LITE after 15.2 IOS
No more need to use BGP, we just need to use the new command under the vrf instance :
config-vrf#route-target ASN:NN


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