Aruba ClearPass vs Cisco ISE Cheat Sheet

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For vendor diversity, Many enterprises use Identity Management solutions from two vendors, Cisco ISE and Aruba ClearPass.
This cheat sheet is for Cisco ISE engineers looking to understand ClearPass.


ClearPass Policy Manager (CPPM) = ISE Node

ClearPass Cluster = ISE Cube

ClearPass Publisher = ISE PAN

ClearPass Standby Publisher = ISE Secondary PAN

ClearPass Guest = ISE Guest Services

ClearPass Onboard = ISE BYOD and provisioning services

ClearPass OnGuard = ISE Endpoint Compliance Services (Posture)

ClearPass Profiler = ISE Profiling

ClearPass Device Insight = Cloud-based Profiling service

( when enabled, the CPPM profiling will be disabled and will only collect data and send it to the cloud for device discovery and profiling)

Aruba Mobility Controller = WLC

ClearPass Insight = ISE MnT ( but local to server only)

ClearPass Insight primary server = ISE MnT Primary

ClearPass Subscriber = ISE PSN   (No NAT should be between Pub and Sub)

ClearPass’ Services = ISE Policy Sets

ClearPass’ Authentication Methods = ISE Authentication Policies

ClearPass’ Authentication Sources = ISE External Identity Sources

ClearPass’ Enforcement Policies = ISE Authorization Policies

ClearPass’ Enforcement Profiles = ISE Authorization Profiles


Founded a good articles on

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