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Palo Alto Basics

PALO-ALTO-CLI-CHEATSHEET   CLI Jump Start The following table provides quick start information for configuring the features of Palo Alto Networks devices from the CLI. Where applicable for firewalls with multiple virtual systems (vsys), the table also shows the location to…
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Debian basic config

toggle python 3 by default instead of python 2.7 debian is still delivered with 2.7 as the default version of python. /usr/bin/python is in fact a symlink to the current default versions binary. The update-alternatives scripts allows to change this….
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Crontab Genrator

I just can’t remember this lol addind cron jobs : 1- crontab -e 2- use the link above to create the schedule “following the path and the script to execute “don’t forget to make the script executable” 3-…
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Git object types: – Blob – Tree – Commit – Annoted Tag Git low-level commands: git hash-object git cat-file git mktree echo “Hello, Git” | git hash-object –stdin -w b7aec520dec0a7516c18eb4c68b64ae1eb9b5a5e