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How to run a temp webserver

This is to test Firewalls , Loadbalancer etc… quick and easy for labbing This was taking from : Configure simple web server in Linux 13 January 2022 by Luke Reynolds The purpose of this tutorial is to host a simple web…
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Palo Alto Basics

PALO-ALTO-CLI-CHEATSHEET   CLI Jump Start The following table provides quick start information for configuring the features of Palo Alto Networks devices from the CLI. Where applicable for firewalls with multiple virtual systems (vsys), the table also shows the location to…
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Debian basic config

toggle python 3 by default instead of python 2.7 debian is still delivered with 2.7 as the default version of python. /usr/bin/python is in fact a symlink to the current default versions binary. The update-alternatives scripts allows to change this….
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