Aruba Switching and Routing Basics

This will cover the basic commands by comparing them with Cisco since I will use Cisco as a reference.

This is going to be messy at 1st but then i will clean up this section.

Commands :

Access enable :  enable
Global Config : configure terminal
Exiting : exit
see flash : show flash
Defining hostname : hostname
Accessing an interface : interface 1,2-5
Disable an interface : disable
Enable an interface : enable
Accessing the menu interface : menu
reboot : reload
view config : show running-config
view cpu utilisation : show cpu
view interface summary : show interface brief
view list of previous command : show history
view version : show version
save config : write memory
reset device : erase startup-config
description of an interface : interface name “name”
how to assign address : interface or vlan ip address x.x.x.x/xx
view ip’s : show ip
password : password “user” “password”
exit : logout
SSH keys : crypto key generate ssh rsa bits 2048
enable ssh : ip ssh ( if no key have been generated ssh is off by default )
web management :
Switch(config)# crypto pki enroll-self-signedcertificate-name <cert-name> subject common-name <switch FQDN or IP address>
Switch(config)# web-management ssl


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