Protocol Data Unit (PDU) / Service Data Unit (SDU)

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A protocol data unit ( PDU ) is information delivered ( messages ) as a unit among peer entities of networks containing control information, address information or data. In layered systems,PDU is a significant term related to the initial four layers of the OSI model.

In Layer 1, PDU is a bit,
in Layer 2 it is a frame,
in Layer 3 it is a packet
in Layer 4 it is a segment for TCP datagram for UDP
In Layer 5 and above, PDU is referred to as data.

PDU has 4 fields:

Destination service access point,
Source service access point,
Control field
Information field.
In packet-switched data networks, PDU’s is related to a service data unit ( SDU )

A PDU at layer N is a message sent between protocols at layer N. It consists of layer N header information and an encapsulated message from layer N+1, which is called both the layer N SDU and the layer N+1 PDU.
Data encapsulated by these messages is not normally called a “service data unit” but rather simply the message body or payload

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Media access control protocol data unit or MPDU is a message (Protocol data unit) exchanged between media access control (MAC) entities in a communication system based on the Open Systems Interconnection model ( OSI Model ) !

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