1.1.b [iii] Polarization concept and avoidance

Lab ready will now try to understand that carefully since i don’t understand at alllllllllllllllll ūüėõ no comprende !!!

1.1.b [ii] Load balancing Hash

Ref:¬†¬† CEF Load-Balancing¬† Cisco Express Forwarding load balancing is based on a combination of source and destination packet information; it allows you to optimize resources by distributing traffic over multiple paths. You can configure load balancing on a per-destination or…
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1.1.b Identify Cisco express forwarding concepts                   

What is CEF? Definition from : Cisco Express Forwarding (CEF) is advanced, Layer 3 IP switching technology. CEF optimizes network performance and scalability for networks with large and dynamic traffic patterns, such as the Internet, on networks characterized by…
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