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Palo Alto Basics

PALO-ALTO-CLI-CHEATSHEET   CLI Jump Start The following table provides quick start information for configuring the features of Palo Alto Networks devices from the CLI. Where applicable for firewalls with multiple virtual systems (vsys), the table also shows the location to…
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CiscoConfParse Methods

This is the methods available for CiscoConfParse : find_all_children(linespec, exactmatch=False, ignore_ws=False) Returns the parents matching the linespec, and all their children. This method is different than find_children(), because find_all_children() finds children of children. find_children() only finds immediate children. Parameters linespecstr Text regular expression for the line to…
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CiscoConfParse is a library for Cisco device.   :  pip install ciscoconfparse Example : from ciscoconfparse import ciscoconfparse Cisco_obj = CiscoConfParse(“show_run.txt”) print(Cisco_obj)  <—- this will return all the information about that object If using Netmiko to pull information from any device into a…
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Regular Expressions

Summary : . Matches any single character, including white space. * Matches 0 or more sequences of the pattern. + Matches 1 or more sequences of the pattern. ? Matches 0 or 1 occurrences of the pattern. ^ Matches the beginning of…
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