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CiscoConfParse Methods

This is the methods available for CiscoConfParse : find_all_children(linespec, exactmatch=False, ignore_ws=False) Returns the parents matching the linespec, and all their children. This method is different than find_children(), because find_all_children() finds children of children. find_children() only finds immediate children. Parameters linespecstr Text regular expression for the line to…
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CiscoConfParse is a library for Cisco device.   :  pip install ciscoconfparse Example : from ciscoconfparse import ciscoconfparse Cisco_obj = CiscoConfParse(“show_run.txt”) print(Cisco_obj)  <—- this will return all the information about that object If using Netmiko to pull information from any device into a…
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Regular Expressions

Summary : . Matches any single character, including white space. * Matches 0 or more sequences of the pattern. + Matches 1 or more sequences of the pattern. ? Matches 0 or 1 occurrences of the pattern. ^ Matches the beginning of…
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Netshot is a powerfull and simple free software for network engineer, it is use to backup/push/compare/etc… configuration of multiple vendors. Github : Netshot : Installation : I use Ubuntu Server 18.04, and Java 8 . To install Java 8 since…
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Step 1 ( Ubuntu ) Installation : apt-get update apt-get install software-properties-common apt-add-repository ppa:ansible/ansible apt-get install ansible Verify :   ansible –version Terminology : Control Node ( enable devices with Ansible install on ) Management Node ( Hosts being manage by…
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Reminder for VPLS or L2VPN over MPLS, Configure MPLS ( but should be already done through your service provider ) Configure the interface with the right instance ethernet and don’t forget the encapsulation and bridge domain. Create an BDI interface…
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