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Ip Precedence DSCP ToS Lookup Table Picture was taken from : can’t beat that qos table !!!! Ok so this post is going to be a mess at 1st and then i will clean it out , since am not understanding everything…
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Virutal Port Channel

Step 1. Configure the management interface IP address and default route. N5k-1(config)# int mgmt 0 N5k-1(config-if)# ip address N5k-1(config-if)# vrf context management N5k-1(config-vrf)# ip route Step 2. Enable vPC and LACP. N5k-1(config)# feature vpc N5k-1(config)# feature lacp…
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BGP Communities

  BGP Communities attributes RFC 1997 Here are the 4 well known BGP communities: Internet: advertise the prefix to all BGP neighbors. No-Advertise: don’t advertise the prefix to any BGP neighbors. No-Export: don’t advertise the prefix to any eBGP neighbors….
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